MKL CMS - Construction Management Software
Manage construction projects online

User Interface Design

MKL CMS supports easy way to manage construction happening at multiple sites with high efficiency. This system is specifically designed for Small and Medium Enterprises to support their work site activities and employee/worker payments.

As a Web-based platform, this system can be accessed anywhere with a computer or mobile device. Hence users can access the system directly from work site.

Features provided in the system such as Project configuration, subcontract management, raw material purchase management, track payments, transfer material between work sites, consolidated stock maintenance, labour management, integrated accounts etc.

Provides feature to maintain machines/tools used at construction site. System keeps track record of service and insurance of the machines.

Since flexible and configurable user management is provided, granular level permissions can be set by the administrator.

Simple Attendance module is provided to track labour attendance at each site. Weekly payment sheet will be extracted based on number of days a said labour worked on the site.

We are open to answer your queries and provide detail clarification. For further details and demo please reach us.

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