Easy GPM - Granite Processing Management Software

Easy GPM provides features to track record from buying the block and process it with external consultant/processing unit. Supports Sales billing and track of block to slabs and the sales of slabs with stock location.

Provides wide range of reports like purchase report, sales report, transport cost, track block that is purchased, lifecycle of a block (purchase, processing, processing cost, slabs from the block and sales). Consolidated stock report and block level stock report is provided.

Able to maintain simple outstanding list from sales by simply marking the payment check box. Supports billing in INR and to manage currency exchange cost loss/gain.

Key Features
  • Block level tracker.
  • Password Protected.
  • Flexible stock report.
  • Processing lock in the system.
  • Records can be modified at any time.
  • Stock indicator in sales bill screen.
  • Outstanding payment management.
  • Sale bill from multiple block number.
  • Forex gain/loss entry.
  • Option to capture transport cost and status.
  • Option to capture processing cost.
  • Calculates each slab value with all costs involved.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Ability to print sales invoice.
Business Benefits
  • Makes your life Easy.
  • Helps to operate your business from remote location.
  • Reduce Manual work and improve productivity.
  • Maximize the profit and minimize the loss.
  • Easy analysis of accounts.
  • Track customers and analyze their repayment style.
  • Overall improvement in management.

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