Easy Finance (Weekly) - Weekly Collection Management Software

Easy Finance (Weekly) is complete weekly collection management software evolved over 15 years and having 1500+ satisfies customers across India. Integrated with mobile app. Data can be exported from computer to mobile, new loans/collections/expenses can be keyed-in through mobile app. Mobile app data can be imported into system back and view comprehensive reports that will be faster in computer.

Tabular column report for a month as it is maintained in accounts note book(Patti Note).

Multiple companies can be combined to generate single cash book for managerial reporting purposes. This will help to see the overall cash management and profit/loss analysis. A single page dashboard report provides company’s transactions/activity for specific period by specifying number of active loans, number of collections made and number of loans closed etc.

Weekly Collection software is available in Tamil and English. Software comes with life time license. Please call us for price quote.

Key Features
  • Access restriction at company level and user level.
  • All type of credit/collection option for a company.
  • Support for data backup and restore.
  • Manage all borrowers' details with photo.
  • Easy loan credit method.
  • Define Grace period for repayments.
  • Bulk collection entry.
  • Manage defaulters (Nippu).
  • Manage other expenses and list them in day book (Thittam).
  • Balance sheet with cash in hand management.
  • Manage Chits opted from the company.
  • Customizable and user friendly reports.
  • Flexible balance report.
  • Support for flexible sorting order.
  • Support for early and partial repayments.
  • Export and import data to mobile app and work remotely.
  • Automatic or manual loan closure option.
  • Ability to generate receipts.
Business Benefits
  • Makes your life Easy.
  • Helps to operate your business from remote location.
  • Reduce Manual work and improve productivity.
  • Maximize the profit and minimize the loss.
  • Easy analysis of accounts.
  • Track customers and analyze their repayment style.
  • Overall improvement in management.

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